Zero to a Billion

How to create a market – and a market leader – where neither exists.

Tricycle Asset Management and Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

The Ask

Simultaneous growth of a new business and an innovative hedge fund product with a complex concept that was virtually unknown in the Canadian marketplace. In other words, our clients wanted our help to create a space, fill the space, and then own the space. Slam dunk, right?

What we did, in five strategic steps
  1. Sold the concept, not the product: distilled a complex offering into a simple story (with a catchy refrain) for Canadian financial advisors – enabling a nationwide salesforce of champions
  2. Nurtured demand: with messaging and tactics that were targeted, strategic, cost efficient and repeated. Again. And again. And…
  3. Built a brand from scratch: a credible and transformative identity as pioneering thought leaders
  4. “Owned” the communications plan: an iterative approach aligned and adapting with evolving business objectives
  5. Turnkey execution – of everything: corporate identity, internal communications, 13 successful product launches, seminars, direct mail campaigns, cross-Canada roadshows, print collateral, web development, client-facing tools, webcasts, co-op advertising, videos…

With a direct link to sales growth, our feet were to the fire, which is just where we like them. In 4 years, our client grew from $0 to $1 billion in AUM, provided a credible alternative for Canadian financial advisors, and introduced thousands of retail investors to the diversification benefits of managed futures.

  • Content Development
  • Distribution