Zero to a Billion


Tricycle Asset Management

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)


Marketing Managed Futures


  • Content Development
  • 13 Product Launches
  • Seminars / Roadshows
  • Direct Mail / Print Production
  • Webcasts / Video

The Story

A serial entrepreneur approached us with an ambitious ask: distill a complex hedge fund product into a simple story in order to create a market, scale up and own the space – slam dunk, right? With a direct link to sales growth, our feet were to the fire, which is just where we like them. In 4 years, our client grew from $0 to $1 billion in AUM, provided a credible alternative for Canadian financial advisors, and introduced thousands of retail investors to the diversification benefits of managed futures.

How to Create a Market – and Market Leader – Where Neither Exists.

$ In AUM

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